Professional Knowledge, Physical Aspects, Responsibility and Discipline

  • We provide training to our guards with world-class skills in fire fighting, threat detection, protection, materials and movement control. Our training modules enable our security personals to handle situations that call for intelligence and judgment.
  • We enrich professional knowledge and physical aspects and maintain positive attitude, courtesy and honesty in guards.
  • Trained as well disciplined and responsible guards.
  • Periodic training activity are scheduled.
  • Enhanced training on fire safety and protection.
  • Trained to response quickly and effectively during crisis.

On-Site Training

Our onsite training programs include specifically identified organizational needs, the Policy, Objective and Procedure.

Fire Prevention & Protection

Scheduled periodic training with mock drills to security personnel.

Training from expertise to operate various types of fire extinguishers, firefighting tactics and emergency evacuations procedures - First aid to victims of burns and minor injuries.